Health Care

I support a single-payer universal health care system for all Americans. Despite the propaganda that we hear in this country so often telling us that we have the best health care in the world, in fact that is only true for a small percentage of us. The issue is access.  While some people who have a lot of money or really good insurance coverage have access to “the best health care in the world,” there are a lot more of us who, even with our health insurance, have access only to minimal services, and many others who have no access to health care at all, except through emergency rooms (which end up costing taxpayers a lot more than universal health care would), county hospitals (which are currently overburdened because so many people have to use them), and free clinics (with most of the same problems as county hospitals).  None of these are really good avenues for regular check-ups or preventive care.

If I am elected to Congress, my intention is to immediately seek to co-sponsor the bill proposed by John Conyers (HR 676 in the current Congress, but will probably have to be renumbered), and also to co-sponsor any alternative bills that are proposing a similar system that will provide not just coverage, but access to real health care for all Americans.


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