Donation page is up

I now have a mailing address and a web page that will accept credit card payments.  Democracy needs your support.


Just About Ready to Accept Donations

Today I acquired a tax ID number for my campaign and filed an initial 8871 to establish The Committee To Elect Scott Trimble aka Scott Trimble For Congress as a 527 political organization.  Tomorrow I plan to set up an account and a post office box.  So get your checkbooks ready, and I should be able to give you all the information needed to make out your check, and where to mail it, very soon.

Any progressives in Central Texas want to help usher in democracy?

I am currently trying to form a campaign committee to direct my campaign for Texas’ 25th Congressional seat. When I say “usher in democracy” or when I call my blog “transform 25,” I believe that is really what I plan to do: transform the 25th district into a democratic oasis in our plutocratic society that will provide a model for citizens all over the country to use to democratize their own areas. Officially, I will be organizing the people of the 25th Congressional district in Texas, but in so doing, we will also be organizing some significant portions of several cities, counties, and state legislature and state senate districts, enabling the people of those areas to exert influence over those elected officials as well, and providing a stimulus for the other people in those geopolitical areas to organize their own precincts in order to participate in this citizens’ union, this grassroots movement to wrest the control of government away from corporations and special interests and put it squarely into the hands of the people.

It seems to me that we have some pretty strong citizen activist groups, but in the current system, they are just another special interest who must compete with the others at their game: money, commercial advertising, backroom deals. By organizing the people, and letting politicians know that their jobs are not so easily bought and sold, but must be earned from the people, we can bring the deliberations that really matter, that really determine the final decisions, out into the open, and start to build a transparent democracy that works for us.

However, getting me into office, or even organizing the district, is going to be an uphill struggle. Running as a Green with no money to begin with, entirely dependent on what I can raise between now and November, also dependent on the Green Party achieving ballot access in Texas, and needing to start a team of volunteers from scratch, I need to find people to help out, and we need to start yesterday.

Please email me or leave a comment here to let me know you want to get involved. My plan is to begin with South Austin, but if you are anywhere in (or near enough to) district 25 (Hays, Caldwell, Colorado, Gonzales, Lavaca, Fayette, most of Bastrop and the southeast part of Travis counties) and what to be part of making these ideals become reality, then I need you now.