Donation page is up

I now have a mailing address and a web page that will accept credit card payments.  Democracy needs your support.


Just About Ready to Accept Donations

Today I acquired a tax ID number for my campaign and filed an initial 8871 to establish The Committee To Elect Scott Trimble aka Scott Trimble For Congress as a 527 political organization.  Tomorrow I plan to set up an account and a post office box.  So get your checkbooks ready, and I should be able to give you all the information needed to make out your check, and where to mail it, very soon.

A few upcoming events

This Tuesday, March 11th is the date the Green Party is required by state election law to hold our precinct conventions.  Here in Travis County, rather than attempting to organize 218 individual precinct conventions, we will be holding a Consolidated Precinct Convention at the Brick Oven Restaurant at 1209 Red River at 7 pm.  Any resident of Travis County who:

1) is registered to vote (in Texas, there is a 30-day period from the date of submission of the voter registration form until you are actually registered, so you would need to have registered by February 8th — the 10th was a Sunday — to be eligible); and

2) did not vote in the March 4th primaries

can attend as a voting delegate (you will be required to affirm that you are willfully affiliating yourself with the Green Party of Texas for the remainder of the year and did not vote in the primaries) .

The next day, March 12th, we can begin collecting signatures for our ballot access petition.  Statewide, we have 75 days to collect around 44,000 valid signatures.  Signatures will be added to the count of delegates at Precinct Conventions.  If you come to your local precinct convention and sign a petition, you effectively count twice, so of course, I urge you all to do that, if you can.

Then, Saturday, March 15th we will hold our County Conventions.  For Travis County, it will be at 11 am, La Madeline Bakery and Cafe, 3418 North Lamar in

The following Saturday, March 22nd will be the District Convention for Texas’ 25th Congressional District.  The specific time and location of this event is still TBA, but I will post it here very soon.